The State2007-06-22: By OTIS R. TAYLOR JR. - "Dickies," the infectious song off Deezy Slim's 2005 album, "Sumtin' Serious," makes one want to buy a pair of the workwear slacks to, perhaps, inject some credibility into one's gangster persona. Or, as Deezy Slim and producer Lil' Brod believe, "Dickies" might inspire a song. The "Southern Slang 3" mixtape by DJ Folk and Papa Smirf released earlier this year features "Dickies On," a UGK song featuring Young Jeezy that was produced by Shawty Redd. It's nothing new for rappers to jack beats more.Deezy Slim was in atlanta promoting his single "dickies" the same time he was networking & in association with young jeezy entertainment attorney in 2006-2007 -google more about this!” - otis taylor

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Deezy Slim, an unassuming MC, was backed by a live band. Anytime hip-hop is backed by live instrumentation, the show is more thrilling. Ernie Franks, a left-handed guitar slinger made the set, well, electrifying. Deezy's producer, Lil' Broad, constructs bouncy, Mannie Fresh-style beats mixed with the composer's ear of 9th Wonder. This allows Deezy to park on the beat or weave through traffic like he's heading to a NASCAR race." -excerpt from article by Otis Taylor (The State Newspaper) 2006------------------------------------------------------------- Check out his video on BET Uncut and order his new cd at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Band is the future of music it is a movement and you can be there first !!!” - Otis Taylor

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Free Times Newspaper Deezy Slim .. Like it or not, Columbia is very much a rock 'n' roll town. But the Capital City is also in the heartland of the Dirty South, and the three emcees on this bill are as dirty as they come. Deezy Slim, along with Lil' Brod and Lil' Kuntree, captures the crunk- and party-rap nature of Southen magnates Master P, Lil' Jon and Trick Daddy, but doesn't let a mush-mouthed delivery get in the way his flow. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but you will, if Deezy's BET-featured single is any indication, be shaking it like a pitbull. P. Wall Art Garage: 9 p.m., $5;” - Free Times Magazine

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interview wiith Dj Prince Ice about the number 1 movie Karma”

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In the begining with the younger artist”

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