Adriana Cavallaro


A smile on my face is what you see

The noise of laughter from me A happy couple together Kissing, holding hands, A peck on the cheek

The sweet promise of everlasting

But little did you know There was a weapon at home

No, no guns But it was the hands that made the weapon

You made me think I was at fault

And maybe I was Maybe I deserved that hand around my neck

Maybe I deserved to be dragged out of my own home by my hair

Maybe I deserved to be thrown across the room

All the threats that were said In the bathroom I would run

Scared of a man I thought I knew

I was degraded by all types of names I WAS A PRISONER

Found out about all these women you had on the side

So I got mad,disgusted, and was hurt I knew I had to leave

Nowhere to go Deserted by family

So I stayed Cursing,yelling, begging I then realized

I WAS MY OWN PRISONER Didn't have the strength to leave

Didn't want to believe You always blamed me

In a way it was my fault I let it happen again and again

But where would I go Who would I tell Now

I know what its like to live in hell



MIsa Leiva


If there was love It was in your arms If there was happiness It was in your lips Time has gone by But not for us Time stood still And so did we We found each other Once again We felt each other Like we did back then So sweet love Untouched Unharmed Is what we have Poetry by: ©MIsa Leiva MIsa Leiva SOMEDAY Someday, All will be over Someday, All will be forgotten Someday, I won´t even remember The pain I feel inside Someday, I will forget Someday, Everything will heal Someday, You won´t even exist Because you will be gone Someday, Has already come...

Poetry by: ©MIsa Leiva




Drinking your honey laced with

milk,heavy tonight

Reality will loosen my neck

Under blue skies

Near flowers

Kiss me and I'll leave


Poetry by:Andrea Lisa Buric (Toronto,Canada)


My best friend"

When we first met there was something that caught my attention.
 Eye contact I couldn't forget,a craving I did not mention.
 Couple attempts that didn't fall through,few years of silence,past over due.heart breaks and headaches,love prisoners without cell mates,I felt your pain.i felt your pain and didn't even knew,We held answers to each of our problems but didn't have a clue.Simple click of a button made sense to alot years of questioning.I wasn't alone here after all,behind these prison walls.captivated by the bars that surrounded my heart,scared to reach outcome of finish, when we won't even let beginning start.shows how trifling our minds are,but who can blame us.Only ones that can change us,perfect match but if ignored,"dumb and dumber" is what they can name us.Sweet communication,water falls and penetrations,shakes from earth quaking or is it just my imagination or should We call it love making.Regardless, I know you feel this and never wanting it to end,between each other we found our soul mates and plus I found my best friend..
by Deezy Slim
I've been playing this game for a while,so use to loosing.
Finally was dealt a good hand but was too afraid to use it.
They say when you make your own bed,you lay in it.
Uncomfortable,tossing and turning with heart in hand and body aching.
Also was told that grown men don't cry
But I'm working on the pacific so that's a damn lie.
Doing 120 in wrong lane,I crashed my self
On stretcher with memories of our past what's left.
Waiting until ICU,Will I ever get a chance to touch,to taste,to kiss your lips again.
Rose petals falls from an abandoned rose.
I'm struggling trying to get a grip again with hand I chose.
What's good about life without living 
What's good about love when it kills me.
Starring at my life reflection in a glass you can't see through
My heart vision is blurred and i cant find love again until ICU.
by Deezy Slim



 "Never judge a book by its cover "  

You May find me accidentally beneath some rubbish while talking out the trash,even be curious  about me just for a moment,your thoughts eventually past,tho I seemed to be torn or worn out,think I'm not of good use, may have seen used books before but I promise I'm not what you're use to,my image may not be much revealing,but you might love my story,open up,take time and read between my lines,promise I won't be boring.Picked up with an atempt suddenly lost your interest,when I may have been the book of your life and how it could've ended...

by Deezy Slim

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