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Deezy Slim

When doing something for 12 years its hard to just stop lol this why I don't! New music coming this month

 Deezy Slim discography 

1.Mastermind "" compilation album 2002

2.Mastermind mix cd vol.1 2003

3.Mastermind "the takeover" compilation album 2004

4.Murder Dog magazine presents "South Carolina" 2004

5.Mastermind mix cd vol.II 2005

6."Hood Status"vol.1 mix cd 2005

7."Sumtin Serious" album 2005

8.Country Boyz "dirt road pimpin" group album 2006

9.3rd Class "da plantation"…

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Deezy Slim's Karma II movie and new single IPTHOT 

**DEEZY SLIM "IPTHOT" mix cd Dusthouse Records Deezy Slim and his Dusthouse Records have not popped up from nowhere,the label had been releasing projects since 2001 but got established in 2005. After releasing the direct-to-video film "KARMA" last summer, Deezy and his most known phrase became integral parts of the upcoming hip-hop community. "I put the house on that," the single from "IPTHOT," Deezy's latest music release featuring label mate Big Tank,set to putting out a video for the track later this…

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Independent music 

I live indie artist more than mainstream because its real and not watered down! And this indie label has a lot of talent and dying to hear more about them.dusthouse fan

Deezy Slim record songs with XXX porn star and Master P artist 

Recently dusthouse artist Deezy Slim has a couple new features in the making from some very popular entertainers.Changing the game with the up coming feature from the famous porn start XXX Pinky! Yes,she raps also other than just having sex on camera.She scheduled to be on the remix of his single "shawtydoit".

Also in the making with his feature from Master P's Nolimit Records early 1990's roster, Fiend who was one of P's top artist doing nolimits chart selling era.Now signed with another former nolimit…

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TI "Hurt" video 

Deezy Slim along with Templeton Mastro and Cash was in TI video for his single HURT featuring Busta Ryhmes and Alfa Mega.Even tho they filmed in for two days,you can't turn your head because you may miss him in it lol but check it out! They stop showing the video after TI got them gun charges.

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