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-DEEZY SLIM Biography
Deezy Slim aka Derrick Holley is a native of Winnsboro, SC. He was born on November 11, 1983 in Columbia, SC. At 12, he started to write poems in elementary school until one day he turned one into a rap song.His inspirations came by artists such as Tupac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Michael Jackson, Master P and many others. When he turned 16, he started taking music more seriously. He worked hard on getting his own money so that he could record a demo. At 15, he recorded his first song at a local studio. Later on he started connecting with producers and learning from them. He then started opening up shows for mainstream artists like Juvenile, Trina, Da Brat, Dirty, Uncle Luke, Petey Pablo, and others.In 2002, Deezy Slim got with an independent record label called Mastermind Records. While on the road Mastermind Records went to places like New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami,etc. to promote their first compilation album. On the album, Deezy Slim collaborated with Pastor Troy (former Universal Recording artist). They then promoted their album in stores and sold them out the trunk of their cars.Creating a huge buzz through out the southeast but he had a lack of management. The album sold approximately 20,000 units with very low promotional tools. A video for the single "Get Back" was shown in Atlanta, and had great responses.From 2003 to now, Deezy Slim released "The Take Over" distributed by EMI and also "Dirt Road Pimpin" distributed by select-o-hitz. His video "Shake it like a "pitbull" with Cold Cannons has been aired on B.E.T'S uncut for its last few years on the air.Deezy Slim is an extremely talented artist who also performs with a live band.He currently is on the road doing shows and promoting his underground releases though his independent label, Dust House Records.With over 80,000 cds and counting in the streets, Deezy continues to grind, attacking the internet and streets with videos,mix cds and features.Working with models,actors,comedians and host of upcoming artist in all music genres.While giving back to his community with "Save a Mind" foundation to help guide teenagers with their arts and education. Started "Cans for Comedy" which is food drive to help people that needs a helping hand around the holidays,where he host a stand up comedy show which cans good is your only entry fee that is donated to food banks in the community. He's also starring in his first independent film "KARMA" which is available now and upcoming films "Karma II" a sequel to "Karma" and "Suppress" which is a film loosely based on Domestic Violence in South Carolina which ranked #1 in the past 3 years.Along with crew pushing the label to the limits,and what the Dust in Dusthouse stands for "Dreams United Succeeds Together".The self proclaimed Lafamilia "the organized grind family" practice  there slogan "Same Team Same Dream" to the fullest.Welcome Home!



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