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Deezy Slim

When doing something for 12 years its hard to just stop lol this why I don't! New music coming this month

 Deezy Slim discography 

1.Mastermind "" compilation album 2002

2.Mastermind mix cd vol.1 2003

3.Mastermind "the takeover" compilation album 2004

4.Murder Dog magazine presents "South Carolina" 2004

5.Mastermind mix cd vol.II 2005

6."Hood Status"vol.1 mix cd 2005

7."Sumtin Serious" album 2005

8.Country Boyz "dirt road pimpin" group album 2006

9.3rd Class "da plantation" group album 2006

10."Still T.S.P" mix cd 2007

11."Ain't dead yet" mix cd 2008

12."Hood Status radio" mix cd 2009

13."Ya Baby Mama Luvz Me" mix cd 2010

14."11/11/11" mix cd 2011

15."From my heart,through my eyez" mix cd 2012

16."Welcome Home" mix cd 2013

"IPTHOT (I put the house on that) mix cd vol.1 2014

17.LaFamilia "the foundation" mix cd 2014

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